Enjoy your Patagonia experience with us!

Pañil Fly Fishing offers high level fly-fishing excursions in the best spots within the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Enjoy full- or half-day excursions in the Limay or Manso rivers as well as in lakes such as Fonck, Hess, Roca and Los Moscos. We both float and wade.
We make several day packs and we also have a cabin complex by the Moreno Lake in case you need lodge as well. Learn different fishing techniques by the lake and the river. We can help you to start experiencing this new activity or we can give you a hand to improve your cast. Float with your family as well to enjoy the landscape and discover the rivers in a different way.panil-fly-fishing-pichi-leufu_phone

A fly-fishing day

A regular fly-fishing day lasts between 8 to10 hours since we pickup the passengers at the meeting point until they go back to their destination. Our guides have a good knowledge of the place and they will help you with any difficulty regarding the characteristics of the fishing environment, fly-fishing techniques and equipment. Once in the river or the lake we will float during the morning until midday. Then we will make a stop to have lunch, which will include an appetizer, salads and steaks cooked beside the river. We will also enjoy a good Argentinian wine, beer or refreshments. After the break we will keep on fishing ultil the end of the journey.GOPR0015 093

Limay River: This is a great fly fishing spot, filled with great beauty due to the contrast among the abundant vegetation of its costs and the desert landscape of the steppe and the wonderful rock formations. We will go down the river in a raft to places which are not accessible from the road. It is possible to make several stops along the way to wade the innumerable streams that surround the islands and the banks. This river is usually generous during the whole season with trout of all sizes, although there are the smaller ones that are more active all along the day. U$D 350 full day for two passengers. Half day USD 290


Fonck Lake. Excursion inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Along the way in the car it will be possible to see the different lakes of the park and enjoy the majestic aGOPR0063 096-Editarutochthonous landscape with five final kilometers of a real AWD path until the lake right under the Cerro Tronador, a paradise for fly fishing anglers for its number of brook, rainbow and brown trout. Its rich vegetation literally arrives to the lake coast and there are many streams under which trout are eating. During the beginning and the end of the season the trout attack the hooks and during the summer it is a sanctuary for its beauty and calm. USD 400 full day


Hess Lake: Different from the rest, the Hess lake is convincing at a first sight for its excellent view to the Cerro Tronador and for its corridors of reed Feliperight before to the entrance to the lake. The coipos swim across these waters and there is a great variety of birds. Its waters are transparent and not very deep making it easy to see the bottom of the lake. The trout jump without stop between the reeds so the first and last hours are a real show. It is a real challenge to put the fly into the right place. U$D 350 full day for two passengers. Half day USD 290


Pichi Leufu River: A trip to the Patagonian steppe to enjoy a river for fly fishing beginners. _DSC5912-2This river is ideal for beginners as it is easy to wade and cast. Although the trout are small, there are usually many strikes. The trip, right after Dina Huapi, is though a landscape full of beautiful rocks at both sides of the way. The ups and downs of the path allow noticing about the vastness of the steppe. The landscape reminds of the far west movies and it is frequent to see animals eating along the way. Vegetation is often yellow and ochre. U$D 350 full day for two passengers. Half day USD 290

The Manso River. This rivers is a particular one, in the first place because after several curves it ends up in Chile through a transversal valley in the mountains. manso1It has several interesting fishing parts, each of them with very particular characteristics. The most famous and floated part is the one between the mouth of the Steffen lake and the confluence of the Villegas river. This part has 8 kilometres, the first four with very calm and clear waters; along the other four kilometres the river increases its slope and speed, there are much bigger stones and rapids. USD 400 full day


In the excursion there will be a guide for every two passengers. We will use a raft to float.
We can manage your fly-fishing license if necessary with an additional cost.
We can rent fly-fishing tackle.
The price includes VAT and insurance.
We accept Visa and Mastercard.
For the reservation we ask for the 50% of the cost.
The money for the reservation is not returned in case of cancellation.
The half day excursions include snack and the full day excursions include a meal.
The transfers to the fishing points are included.

Kind Regards

Horacio Maida
Professional Fishing Guide
facebook: Pañil Fly Fishing


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